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Sofia, Entrepreneur, 32

Nataliya’s energy is contagious, she really has a way to find your motivators and gives you exactly what you need. I have been able to do my yoga and meditation routine for almost two months now, and feel a lot more energized and ‘in control’

Alexander, Professional, 36

I love that Nataliya does not just teach yoga, she teaches you how you to use yoga  and be mindful every day. I had no idea I could do yoga in the middle of the day in the office chair! 

Maria, Accountant, 43

I never thought of myself as a ‘yoga’ type, but the doctor suggested I try it to ease stress and anxiety. Going to the studio was not an option due to time and other factors. FindYourZen 2 hour session was a small investment with a big payout. I am glad I did it.